Saturday, September 09, 2006

Inspiration from one generation to other

I visited with the AAUW ladies from one of the local chapters today. They invited me to their brunch meeting this morning. It was really nice, they had me as their guest speaker on the agenda. I shared with them my experience in Washington, DC for the NCCWSL and my work on the SAC. They listened and looked at my with joy, I could see it in their eyes and smiles. They smiled and asked questions about the conference, the work with AAUW, my opinions on certain topics such as rape and insecurity on campus, they looked at my pictures from the conference and even applauded after I finished.
Most of the ladies there are seniors and so I know they looked at me thinking I had to take on their roles not after they're gone but right now, I know they were relieved to see someone my age taking action in the fight for equity. But what I think they might not know is that they inspired me today. They are active in the community, working on what they think is right and noble, wanting to better this world for the generations that follow.

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