Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just to waste my time with you...

I can't believe I'm not done with everything I need to do. The paintings in the studio are waiting for me to go and continue creating some sort of reality in each of them, some sort of dream, some sort of secret of mine, something I can't put in words or even thoughts. I'm going to the studio tonight after dinner with my friends. I'll probably stay long, while my friends go out and party like there's no tomorrow. But I just want to get all my work done and then be at peace with myself.

I'm in a mess. Really. I have to find a way to organize my room so that it can help me be more efficient. I have a whole mess in there, and the door is blocked by a square table -which used to be our dining table- because I want to get it in my room to use it as a work station... since I don't have a drawing table, this one will have to serve that purpose. But the table is too big and won't fit through the doorway, so I have to take it apart and then piece it back together inside my room. It's easy and I could do it if I had a drill, but I don't. So I've been living with the table blocking my doorway for the past week. Tomorrow my uncle will bring his tool box and help me out with that. I mean, right now, getting into my room is a whole ritual!

It's cold outside. Last wednesday the temperature dropped like 30 degrees in less than one hour. No kidding, I was going to go around taking pictures and when I got out of class I had to run to my car and get a sweater I keep there because it was freezing outside and I was only wearing a t-shirt. And I don't like the indoor heaters too much. That hot hair gives me headaches. This morning I woke up because I felt hot hair in my face and I had to go lower the thermostat and even go outside for some fresh air... that, of course, woke me up in a second. So I think I'll start doing that in the mornings-- going outside for fresh air.

And last night I did something good for me: I wanted to go to a design presentation that the Northwest Arkansas Art Director's Club put together. They hosted Mike and Robynne from Modern Dog. Of course I had plans of going, but my friends couldn't go with me. That's something that really gets under my skin, most of my friends are not up to going to art stuff with me and so I only have a couple of friends who go with me to these things; I'm actually 2 friends short because they moved to Las Vegas. So I called so many people and they were either out of town, or had plans already, or just didn't answer me... I found NO ONE to go with me. And I didn't want to go by myself because that would be weird, I would feel weird... but I did it, I got dressed and went and had a great time. The lecture was awesome and even though I didn't get one of the goodie bags they had for people who asked questions -because they didn't pick me for the question, not because I didn't have anything to ask- I got a lot out of it... including inspiration, of course.

Almost time to go for dinner. Almost time to go paint...
Oh, and I saw something funny the other day... CLICK


Rachel said...

Glad you enjoyed the lecture! Wish I could have been there to go.

I emailed links to some of my favs of your work to my friends here and they loved them.

Also just read your last post. I know how hard that must have been, but I'm so glad you had the courage to go. I'm sure it meant a lot to April and her family to see the support.

Love ya girl.

Jake said...

Hey B! I know you'll never let me lose touch! Thank you!

Bellota said...

se puso tan helado?... te entendi bastante, y me gusta como escribis... ya aprendiste de tu amiga jajajaja... cuidate

Coco said...

So does this song have anything to do with Post Secret?

Que estes bien...
Si, ha llegado el otono!