Saturday, October 07, 2006

MADDay 06 with a huge moon and all

yo, this morning when i was driving to campus to pick up my group for make a difference day i saw the moon near the horizon and it was HUGE! it was a full moon and it looked just awesome in the morning sky. i took a couple of pictures while i was driving but they didn't turn out very good. at the service project we had a bit of everything, even puppies and the Geoffrey the giraffe from toys'r'us. it was fun and i even got some oranges for the week.
what can i say... this weekend is a busy one. tonight i have the gridiron show and i have to study for my PR exam on tuesday. there's a bunch of stuff i have to do for painting class and typography, also.

friday was not a very good day. i had to work hard at not getting angry. those people are just trash and they don't deserve my energy, but it was hard keeping myself together. i made it though, so a star for me! even at night, when i thought i was just going to relax in the open figure drawing class i almost blind myself when turning the page of my drawing pad. dang, my eye was watery and it hurt for a while after i hit it.

anyway. a picture for you:

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