Friday, December 08, 2006

after a long list of lists...

I've learned not to write about people I know and horrible so-called educators here because it can come back and bite me in the butt. I've also learned that cursing here is not good either, so I say it all at loud just to myself. That's the reason why this post won't contain any cursing about any pseudo-doctors who can't teach.

Besides my feelings about teaching styles or lack thereof, I've been good. I can say I did very well the past couple of weeks despite being some of the most difficult days in this academic semester. It's been intense. I've had some very emotional times on top of the academic responsibilities. I missed the damn ceremony for the class ring and it got me very angry. It was very important for me and I forgot all about it because my mind was full of lists of stuff I needed to do, of concepts I needed to memorize for exams, of names of graphic designers I like, and the ones I don't like too, of projects, family stuff, of to-dos for organizations, of not having a car because it had broken down, money stuff, the eye thing that was hurting me, and some more crap. I almost cried when I remember I had missed the ceremony because it was the last thing I needed to go wrong. Lame alumni association staff need to learn why reminders are a good thing. It's insignificant for many, but it was very important for me and it just shouldn't have gone wrong.

So with all, I decided to look at my Bible last night and I went to the book of Job because it's the book I like most. And after a few penciled-in notes I found an arrow pointing to "vuelve ahora en amistad con el y tendras paz; y por ello te vendra bien" (22:21 if you want to look it up in English). There are so many promises that are just written, so I told Him what I was feeling.

I'm better today. There's no point on saying anything more about things I can't change. And sorry, it looks like I broke my own no-cursing policy. I guess if after reading this you decide to not give me a position in your company or in a grad program it will be your lose and you'll probably end up with some sick person that has no bad days, or at least is telling you so. And it was your fault anyway, it was your choice to read this on the first place. (That was some P.D. hating on some ridiculous career development BS I've been bombarded with).

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Bellota said...

entiendo mal. o tu maestro es tan basura como el mio?