Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A matter of respect.

If you watch HGTV during your lunch hour you might be familiar with a tv show of house or room makeovers that runs about that time. I've never seen such show (or the channel) but I heard today they did the makeover at the house of a homosexual couple. I happen to know this because a lady I know called the HGTV main station to complain about the content of their shows, apparently they showed a picture of the couple where one was kissing the other one on the chick... and apparently this was offensive to her.

When she was telling me about it she said "And I'm not being judgmental, but that's WRONG." And so, I would like an update in case the meaning of the word judgmental has changed recently, because if so, I have to know what it means now.

Her actions were sad and reflected not only intolerance but disrespect. But her attitude was what most saddened me. The way she denigrated the couple was ignorant. It was over my head how she could get upset for a picture that only showed an act of appreciation and care. She talked about the fact that the couple was together as if it was some sort of crime. She couldn't even say "homosexuality" or anything like it. She would just say "IT is all over, and they (the media) have it all up in our faces."

It wasn't about the image of the kiss, but the fact that it was a same sex couple what was so disgusting to her.

But it's about respect. We don't have to understand or participate in others' lifestyle or culture, we just need to respect it. I tried to talk to her about that, but she ended up saying that she had the right to have and express her opinion.

So I guess I'll have to pray for her.

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