Friday, December 29, 2006

Yellow conversation

Yellow conversation, originally uploaded by aquarelita.

On my exciting Friday night at home I wanted to continue on my door-mural project but somehow didn't get it together to work on it. I thought of the colors and what I wanted to do with newspaper... then I thought how that wasn't really a good idea so I thought of something else that I didn't get to do. I'll wake up early and work on it.

I'm missing the studio. I miss the solitude of it some nights and the smell of the paint. I miss the view from the window and the cold wind of Fall nights that refreshed my ideas. I miss the green chair in the studio, and the vibrant colors.

Acrylics feel so dead. So quick to dry.

I want to use my oil paints again. I'll look into getting a studio, probably after I graduate, because with all the tuition expenses and the other stuff I can't afford it, plus I wouldn't have much time to paint. But I want a little studio.

When I this picture I was painting "all roads lead to me"... I guess by the colors. I liked to paint at night better than during the day. And I like to use only liquin as medium besides mineral spirits. Lindsey oil and the other things I have are very nice, but there's something about liquin that makes it feel just right for me.

I'll paint tomorrow. I'll use up the little canvas I primed the other night and will do something nice. I also have to see if I get a new coffee maker tomorrow because I broke the old one. And it left a little scar too.... well, it's not a scar yet because it hasn't healed completely, but it'll sure leave a scar.

Good night.

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