Monday, December 04, 2006

New list

So, for this week I have to:
  • finish the drag and drop flash project
  • write my artist statement
  • turn in my PR project
  • study for my history of graphic design final
  • consumer behavior final
  • study for my PR final
  • finish my paintings:
    • 2 figure paintings
    • 1 big figure paintings
    • 2 memory series small paintings
    • 1 memory series big painting
    • 1 final painting

I'm tired and my car is not working. It's very cold outside, but I'm wearing my cute pink jacket. I am ready for the break. It seems that this week will be a harsh one again, so at the end I'll have to treat me to a nice 6 hour nap.
Good bless the world. After I'm done with all these I'll post a wish list for this holiday season... it will surely include world peace ;)
Enough for the blog break. A hug from me, wherever you are.

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