Wednesday, December 27, 2006

birthday cake from afar

My best friend's 22nd birthday is today and I wish I was with her to have woken her up really early to the sound of my "Las Mañanitas" version... maybe mixed with some other birthday songs like we used to do in el colegio our last year in 2001.

Pau, happy birthday! Have some cake and a big cup of coffee in my name. Soon there will come the time when we'll be able to share special days like birthdays, christmas, new years and all that stuff.

Feliz Cumple, loca!
En la distancia pero cerca...

1 comment:

Bellota said...

no habia leido esto hasta hoy...
solo puedo decirte gracias bertha.
es comico como los sentimientos mas fuertes los he desarrollado a traves de la distancia. te quiero mucho mona