Thursday, December 21, 2006

In business mode.

Thank goodness I've sold some paintings! I sold "Vision" and "He Drew Me Once" yesterday, and my friend from SandiaFria bought "The Two Berthas".

I updated the artwork gallery on my website last week. I realize I need to start making prints for myself. I'm selling these paintings that are meaningful to me. When I start a painting I never think of how much I'll sell it for, or what people would buy; it's always about something from my heart.

Many times I don't know how to explain a work. I worked a lot on that this past semester in my class... and well, the class is over and I'm still working on it.

I'm pretty happy with what I did on the class. I really need to get me a little studio to be able to keep painting with oils. I enjoy it so much, but it's so hard to work on them at home, especially with the mineral spirits and the media. We had so many safety precautions at the studio, that I just don't think it's good to have the studio at home.

Besides, I want to be somewhere near a community of artists. Maybe share the studio space or be in a complex where other people have studios.

I also have to do some research on mural painting. I'm doing a mini mural on my room door but I'm just using acrylics and nothing really fancy... I think I even used a sharpie, but I can't do that in case someone wants me to paint a mural. I have to get on the ball.

So far I've enjoyed the break very much.
Getting ready for a Feliz Navidad and already ready for all the holiday music to STOP. I don't like holiday music by default, but by the end of December it becomes unbearable.

Hmmmm, I'm hungry now.

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