Monday, August 06, 2007

Every wish hides a wish

I don't know if that's a saying, or it my friend Ryan made it up as a line
of one of his poems, or if it is one of those invisible truths that's known
by everyone but only understood by some. Or maybe it is just a saying that
someone made up in hope to understand her fears.

What's the wish behind each fear? Is someone who's afraid of dying just
wishing to be eternal, to remain in the life of her loved ones forever, to
live and be able to feel the breeze of cool night and the pain in the legs
of the person who has walked for too long? What are we wishing for, when we
fear death? What are we wishing for?

I sit here, confused about things, because sometimes I my thoughts can't
reach beyond this ceiling. And I wonder if there's a cure for such
impediment. And if maybe love is the answer. Which sounds like such cliché,
but then... who knows, maybe, in reality is just true.

Today, I'm afraid of crying.
And I don't know what I'm wishing for.
A tribute and respects are in order for a life.

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