Thursday, August 30, 2007

generation.... afraid?

I want to comment in a tv commercial I saw not long ago. Why a tv commercial? Because when you have a degree in advertising it becomes natural to really pay attention to commercials in tv and print, and analyze the tactics and objectives behind them... but when you have a degree in advertising and you're... me... then the whole thing goes to another level.

So I saw this commercial, it was a Cox Communications commercial in which there's this little kid between 2 to 4 years old. He goes around with his mom and is presented in different settings and situations. He always has some electronic device (tv, portable dvd, etc) where he's always watching "Pauly Penguin" and the kid smiles and gets all excited about the penguin every time he sees him, he even has a little stuffed Pauly Penguin toy. Then, the kid is shown at a mall (or some public place) where he's in line to meet Pauly Penguin... like you would see a kid in line to see Santa Claus. But when it comes time for him to meet Pauly, he gets close and just as Pauly is about to hug him the kid backs up, scared of the big animal and goes crying to his mom's arms. Then the kid is shown in a car seat with a portable player watching Pauly and smiling again. And at the end you hear "no matter where they are, generation cox is coming. Are you ready?"

Well... hell no. I don't think this world is ready for a generation like that. Having things too easy, too accessible, staying too much in the comfort zone cannot be any good. Are we really expecting a generation that's going to be so foreign to reality that will be afraid of reality?

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Coco said...

i haven't seen the commercial...
but the one commercial (w/children) that i do like is where the little girl is trying to hide her feelings for a classmate...then she slides on the table (to hide the heart) right to his face and he smiles : )
oh, and the other one i like is the KAISER commercial...arriba, abajo, eso : ) respira, relaja,... uno, dos, i think it's so cute and catchy and soothing and familial! : )
my mom likes it too...

have a wonderful long relaxing weekend!

oye, so what are you doing now?
job hunting, or resting?

thank you for sharing the poems : )

y tambien gracias por las oraciones.

con cariño,
y deseandote bendiciones.