Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mourning.... a tribute to Keren


Today I mourn the end of an era...
of memories made,
of stories told,
of healing hearts,
of watery eyes.

Today I say goodbye
today I let go and open my arms
to the next treasured placed in my hand.
Today I'm taken away form your arms
Today I float in the air
waiting to be caught by the future.

Today I mourn you...
your contagious smile,
your challenging thoughts,
your caring heart,
and my love for you.

Love that will not disapear because you're gone.
Love that will grow...
trust that will be stronger.
And confidence that you're just paving the way.

Today I wipe my tears
I let go
I try to leave with you a last memory
a last laugh
a last tear
at last...

posted by Quotable_keb at 12:45 AM on 4.28.2006

this poem was written by Keren.
And is now a tribute to her.
Your legacy will live in the lives of those who loved you, and in those whose life you made a bit brighter and happier.
You're with God now.

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Anonymous said...

She is now better than any of us...because she gave her life to God, because she accepted Jesus Christ in her heart she is now enyoying eternal life in heaven with our Father...we'll get to her in time...Keren Berrios was part of my church Iglesia Bautista Miramonte...and we love her and we'll remember her always

Eliezer Salazar