Thursday, July 27, 2006

Do NOT forget!

I got a call at work on Tuesday. I answered and after I gave my name I said the usual "how can I help you?" and then the lady asked for my name again and when I said it one more time she said "I want to talk to somebody that speaks English" and I wasn't expecting that and I said, in a more serious voice with my business-smile erased from my face, "I speak English" and she "Well, I can't understand a word you said." I said hold-on and hung up her phone call.

My coworker asked why I hung up, she said the lady was mad because of I-don't-know-what. I told her she didn't have to be rude. I said "rude" but I was really thinking "racist" and other thousand words that came from my anger.

My coworker saw me and she hugged me. When the lady called back someone talked to her and defended me.

It was only a phrase.

But that phrase made me cry and angry and reminded me how I am not home here. And how many people don't want me, or my family, or anyone that looks like me to be here. In this country that would not be as successful and powerful if it wasn't for all the workers from other countries that were first brought here for cheap labor-- but when the workers started coming because of political reasons, or trying to escape hunger, danger, and poverty then, only then, were not welcome here.

And the thing is, the phrase itself was not what pierced through me-- it was the tone of the voice behind the phrase.


Bellota said...

que diablos le pasa a la gente? No bertha, esa no es tu casa, claro que no lo es!. Tu casa esta aqui, bajo este cielo que nos gustaba ver juntas. Malditos racistas! pinches gringos que creen que son SAN VERGONES! no lo son!, se cagan en toda la gente, matan a miles de inocentes, y de remate quieren que les respeten su "territorio". Pinches descendientes de colonos que no quiso inglaterra. eso ya se les olvido, verdad? que llegaron de arrimados a quitarles las tierras a los nativos, porque a todos esos majes los andaban siguiendo en Inglaterra! Pinches MAJES CAB...! No te sintas mal Bertha, vos sabes que al final nuestra ciudadania, no es aqui. Que somos forasteros.. Pero, aun asi, este es TU PAIS, EL SALVADOR, que ha importado a miles de gentes, para mantener la PINCHE ECONOMIA DE ESE PAIS, QUE VA DE PIQUE!TODO LO QUE SUBE TIENE QUE BAJAR!

Coco said...

siento que hayas tenido que pasar por esta mal experiencia- el racismo. lamentablemente, existe!

no importa donde radiques, si aqui en los EEUU, o en latino america, o cualquier otra parte del mundo- donde quiera hay RACISMO!

en latino america- mientras no te veas tan "india", o vengas de algun "rancho"...entonces pasas.

fijate en la tele...
quienes son los actores de las novelas? ninguno tiene rastros indigenas! racismo!!

you should have given the call to your supervisor...

se fuerte!

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.