Monday, July 17, 2006

Freakin hot.

It's been very hot lately and news reports say the heat wave it's nationwide in the U.S. there's no doubt we've messed up the planet, we're killing ourselves by not caring for our forests, our rivers, our oceans, our fauna, our lives....

Everything is so ridiculously bad that you don't know what to do... laugh or cry. War across the globe is killing thousands of souls everyday, crime is getting worst by the minute in Latin America. And the Salvadoran government... Well, there's no words to describe them... Evil... so corrupt. And I say the Salvadoran government because they're my freaking people, not because they are the worst of all or anything. I'm just saying because they're the ones I know more about, they don't even let people voice their opinions anymore. Yes, that's right. If you want to do a march in El Salvador you might not live to see the sunset of that day. You might get shot by a national police man or sprayed with pepper gas by the army.

And then Bush says "shit" during the G8 summit. I don't expect good things from him, but I'm mean... can't he at least try to act right during the G8 summit?!!

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