Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catching up

Art show reception tonight: We had the reception for the student art show that we put together for the summer. It was very simple and nice. We didn't get as many people as I had for my show last summer, so this time I got the chance to sit down, talk and even eat some of the food. Brandee, one of the other artists, got some friends there and her parents. It was nice.

Big Cities: I would love to go to an art show in some place like Rome, DC, Santa Fe, or San Francisco. Wouldn't it be nice?! But well, right now I'm sticking to the art shows in NWA. It's ok here.

Postcards: Chris bought me a bunch of postcards in her trip to CA. I love postcards. She brought me one from Hoover Dam, one from the Grand Canyon, and a bunch of Frida Kahlo postcards that she got in Santa Fe, New Mexico!!! I love them!!!

Good-bye: Ja and Jo are leaving me. Jo got a position at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, and so they're leaving at the end of this month. Who's gonna go with me to the cemetery if I have another photo assignment? Who's gonna let me paint their white cat with color markers? Who's gonna take me to the renaissance fest in OK and let me play with their XM radio all the way there and back?!!!! Who's gonna tell me that it's all gonna be ok because IHOP is open 24 hrs?!!!!! WHO???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll miss you both very very much....

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