Tuesday, December 20, 2005

IHOP time cause we have time

I'm enjoying my break from school oh-so-much. I'm working full time but there's nothing like coming home thinking I have
And well, reality is that these thoughts of mine make realize that I have premature senioritis. Oh, yeah... that or I'm really just frustrated with the grade I got on Film Lecture. I loved the class, I learned so much, and STILL I got a bad grade. The first bad one I get in college. Bummer.

I got so depressed for like... one hour.

Anyway, Sunday was IHOP time with J-a and J-o. It was fun hanging out with them. Here's a picture of them:

And here one of me and J-a and my new pink jacket I got on sale (i know, so ridiculously good looking!):

I've been reading for pleasure, watching movies, watching nip tuck and project runway, taking pictures, trying to organize my room, doing some thinking... relaxing :)

On a different note, something happened today. When I tell people (or they find out) that I'm from El Salvador I usually hear this: "Hey I know someone from El Salvador" or "Hey, I have a friend from El Salvador, she lives..." Yeah... because I know EVERYBODY in El Salvador. But today was different, we were talking about church and stuff, specifically about a class called Perspectives, and I said something about how I wanted to take the class in El Salvador. And then, my coworker of tells me that she knows someone from El Salvador that wanted to start one of those classes. And then she continues "Linda Grace Carcamo" "WHAT?!" I say with my eyes opened real big... Linda was my friend. I knew her since I was little. She died a couple of years ago. We talked about her a little. It's the first time that something like this happens to me.

Oh, this is a small world... And people like Linda, Maria Ines, April and my gramma will just shine forever. It got me thinking about what am I leaving behind every step I take.

What are you leaving behind?

I need to take time to THINK. And I don't mean right now or just think about some things. I mean everyday. I need to take time to reflect everyday on everything. Life, news, opinions, books, silly stuff, others... No matter how busy or how tired I am. That's how one grows.

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