Saturday, December 03, 2005

Orange juice for breakfast

I went a long time without updating... and the thing is that I didn't even feel the weeks go by. This semester went by so fast. Pretty surreal. All the things that happened. The good, the bad, the ugly, the lazy, the crazy, the sweet, the bitter, the bittersweet, and all. I've been thinking a lot about so many things that it would be too long of a post if I were to list them all.

Last few days have been blue. With finals, work, moving, and classes I've found myself a little stressed. I haven't touch my art supplies since she left. Well, not including when I had to pack everything last week when we moved to the new house. Thursday and Friday were strange... I don't want to say they were bad, because they were not. They were just strange. I've been missing April and Pauli. I haven't talk to Pauli since before we moved... and it's been a little longer with April. I sent a note to her family and got a note back. I couldn't even finish reading it. It was a bit overwhelming. I've been thinking of her family because with the holidays I know it'd be so hard to live, to enjoy without her. I constantly hear April... I can hear her saying what she used to say... with her cute southern accent. I get sad. I try hard not to, but sometimes I can't handle all this inside me.

I met with my two beautiful friends for coffee on Friday. We didn't have coffee, but it was good having that time. We didn't talk about her... I know we all wanted to, but we didn't.
She was the only one missing from the group. We talked about life and how we're planning to survive until we graduate. We want to graduate SO bad... SO soon. We'll have coffee next time. Sometimes talking is enough... sometimes even just sitting together does it for us. I'm the clown of the group, but I wasn't too much fun yesterday. We were all so tired, drained.

I wanted to write some more but I have so much to do. I have to get all my things out of the boxes and put my all my books on the shelf. I have to make my room MY room... although I think all the pictures and paintings will probably go up after I'm done with finals.

I have only one A in my pocket right now. JUST ONE. How lame. That's in arts, of course. I'm feeling good about the last project on that class. I wasn't happy with it at the beginning. Partly because I had no freaking clue what I wanted to do for it. But I got it together. Not quite done yet, but it'll be for Monday. On the other final on Monday I need to get a 100 on the test to get an A on the class. If I get a 99 I get a B. Grades are BS, I know... but I needed the 4.0 this semester. I've enjoyed the classes though, I just didn't do well on the tests... I'm better with projects and papers than with tests... unless they're essay tests, then I'm good.

And, ok, what is it with me singing Mrs Robinson?! I don't understand, but I'm starting to enjoy it. Scary. "What's that you say Mrs Robinson..." blah... I don't even know all the lyrics. And well that was it. A more positive post will come soon. Maybe I just need a new cute template like J Star's (hint hint) How did you put your photo on the background?

Well, my dear readers, have a wonderful weekend!
"You're only given a little spark of madness. You must not lose it!"
-- Robin Williams

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Coco said...

You moved?! Qué?!
Sorry about "finals"...I know how you feel- pero ya veras que pronto pasa esta pesadilla, really. ; )

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.