Sunday, December 11, 2005

30 things not many people know about me

Ok, so I don't have 30 things to tell... I only have 12. I guess I'm an open book. And if people don't hear it from me or see it on what I do, they can always come and read it here. Dang, there will never be a book entitled "The Secret Life of B" cause I'm just me all the time. So here's the list (in no particular order):

1. I've never been in a serious relationship.
2. It terrifies me that I might not be good in art. Every time somebody asks me for a design I'm very afraid they'll think it's crap.
3. I used to walk, talk and smile in my sleep.
4. I don't like people reading my poems.
5. I'm a feminist.
6. I'm one in a thousand. I was born with the "clubfoot" defect in my right foot (pie equino varo). My older brother has is on his left foot... so we know for sure that it was my dad's genes that were messed up. And so I had my first surgery when I was 3 months old and then a couple more when I was in 2nd grade (7 yrs old).
7. Because of the surgery I have some ugly scars in my foot that I don't like to show... because I don't like people asking me what they are.
8. The sight and the smell of the steam in the shower in winter reminds me of my time in Mexico City in December 2001.
9. As a kid, my dad used to take us on the weekends to his house with my siblings. I used to cry at night because I wanted to see my mom. Maybe I thought he'd never take us back to the house... I don't know why that was. That changed as I got older, and now I look back and think of how much more I could have enjoyed.
10. I have a great long-term memory. I can tell you exactly what someone said/did when I first met him/her in most of the cases. No matter how long ago.
11. I've lived through war. And I have many memories of shooting, being afraid, not coming out of the house, using the mattresses to block the windows...
12. I'm very spiritual, although not religious. I've never been religious, I've been very involved in church in the past, but I've always known the purpose of things I do. Contrary to those that just do things because... they're supposed to.

SOOOO... I'm tagging some people on this. Ya'll can come up with 12 things or 30... as many as you want, let's just say 12 is the minimum. J-star, Coco, MS, and Pippo (if you ever read this).


J. Star said...

Lol, I got tagged for this twice! I guess that means I'd better do it. :)

Do you no longer walk, talk, or smile in your sleep?

Number Ten is very interesting. I'm currently reading "The Persistence of Memory," by Tony Eprile (I think that's the spelling of his last name)--and it's about a man who has a perfect memory, and in fact can't forget anything. I wonder if you'd find it interesting. :)


Maria S. said...

BG I just sent you an email with a few things you didn't know.

Pippo said...

I read! I will update my blog whcih has not been touched since April left us. I knew a lot of the things you said on your 12 things people dont know about you! I guess that makes us good friends! :) I love you B! :) I will update my blog next week when i get back from FL!