Friday, December 09, 2005

Finals time: long nights, lots of caffeine and... snow?!

It feels as if I had bricks instead of shoulders. I need a massage or something! It snowed the night before last and it was so cold in the morning! The streets were all covered in snow/ice and so it took me a little longer to get to campus.... yep... it took me an hour... ONE HOUR... I was so late for my first final, which was scheduled at 7:30 am. I think I did good though. Anyway... I took a really bad picture of campus that day. Here's for you.

And well... going to my first exam that morning I got to the classroom and I realized I didn't have a bluebook with me! I had left it in the car, so I had to go back to the union and get one. I went back to the classroom and by the time I got there I couldn't feel my face and I was so cold I didn't even care that I was about to take an essay exam scheduled from 7:30 - 9:30 am in just 40 minutes. Because on top of me being late because of the snow and the traffic (cause heck, I wasn't driving thru the freeway that day!) I had to go get the bluebook. So I got to the classroom like at 8:45 am. I know... sweet.

Oh well... it all worked out at the end. And at least I didn't fall on my butt that day. I was walking extra careful :) More on my life later on. Right now I'm tired and have to do some stuff around the house. Here's a picture of my feet. I know... random.

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Jack Hampster said...

When I broke my leg, I was stranded in a chair for many days - I took many pictures of my feet - I thought it was a good time to get aquainted with my camera and what it could do - Now I take pictures of my feet whenever I go out of town