Thursday, December 22, 2005

Too much talk is no good

I need to paint again... it's been long.
And well, since I'm not painting, I'll say this:

We, most humans, tend to talk too much. I'm getting tired of listening to people talk more than they think... I say that because every day I hear people discuss things without really thinking over what they say and where they stand on different issues.

This whole "Happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas" deal has me tired. It does not matter how you greet people during this season if in your heart you're still the same. The point of Christmas is to celebrate that God sent His Son to this planet for us because of his extreme love... not to buy presents to others, or sing songs that will stick in your head for weeks after the season, or to decorate your house with a million lights, or to make children believe that a big old guy with a red suit exists for everyone. Now that's what Christmas is all about these says because we have commercialized it to this point. If you want to change something, change that. Change the fact that some people don't even take the time to reflect on the true meaning of these celebrations. Don't fight with others because they want to make everyone feel welcomed in the store by saying "Happy Holidays" so people would go in and buy a bunch of stuff to give away to their loved ones... that's just another way to SELL more.

It just makes me mad every time I hear someone trying to fight over this and then see the same person turn around and talk trash about somebody else. It's time to live like we mean to.

Felices Fiestas, everyone. Celebrate whatever you want... just let your loved ones know that you loved them... you don't have to wrap that one.

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