Thursday, December 29, 2005

2005/2006 tagged by Alanis

HA! She didn't tag me, but I'm pretending she did :)

A few questions for you, about 2005...

--what were your favorite moments of 2005?
I have many... specially when looking at the big picture. My debut art show was fantastic. Also spending time down in Hope, AR with April and her family. Also going to Washington DC for the AAUW student conference, it opened my eyes to many things that I had overlooked.

--favorite books, movies, articles, tv shows, live performances?
Book: Skirting Tradition. Very powerful. Didn't read much this year...
Movie: The Motorcycle Diaries, Crash
TV Shows: Project Runway

--what are you the most proud of in this last year?
To say that I have people who I love and love me back.

--what do you forgive yourself for?
Not making enough time to study and taking that way too serious.

--what are you deeply grateful for?
The time I'm given in this life. I'm so grateful for having real friends and such an amazing family that loves me.

--what are the biggest differences for you between last December to this one?
I'm one amazing friend short... and I miss her so very much.
I've grown. I'm more critical of things now. Before I used to just swallow all the information that came to me. Last year I also had LONG hair... I'm talking about 15-20 inches long.

--did you have enough fun this year?

--did you say no often enough?

--did you say yes often enough?
Way too often. There are things that I didn't need to get involved with and I did, even thought I didn't have much time to do them. I took risks and got to experience new things, got to visit new places and that was great. I took officer positions and that was wise.... I'm a better, more responsible person because of that.

A few questions about 2006...

--what excites you the most about this coming year?
The opportunities that come with my Junior year at the UA. New friends. More chances to grow and be better. Many many blank canvas.

--what new thing will you try (big or small) that you've never tried before?
I don't know... I guess I have to come up with something soon.

--what new commitments can you make to yourself?
I have to make more time for fun and friends and family. I have to be more disciplined and lose weight.

--what would this year have to include for it to end, in December 2006, on a fulfilled, happy note?
A boyfriend... maybe... maybe a great opportunity in the art world. Maybe a more skinny me.

--what do you see yourself benefiting from doing more of... less of?
More reading, more art, focusing more, reading the news more.
Less junk food, less talk, less time online. No coke.

--any visions for this coming year for your expression or evolution?
I see myself changing the way volunteering is at the UA. I see myself painting more often and with more passion. I see myself reading more... learning more.

--anything that scares you that you know you're going to do?
An internship.

--any new thing you can put into place that will support you better? New resources, friends, support system?
I don't know.

--anything you'd like to do less of, or stop doing altogether (that you won't beat yourself up for it you don't)?
Worrying for freakin' grades.

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Coco said...

I liked your friend Alanis' questions for you ;)

2006- que sea un año lleno de bendiciones y realizaciones para ti.

Con cariño,
tu amiga Coco