Monday, July 31, 2006

Mmm... I don't have a title for this one.

I don't know where my creative juices have been going. I've been working on my artshow, I finished 3 paintings right before it was time to put it up. And I finished April's painting, "Abril Amor", on Saturday. But it seems to me, it feels like at least, that I've been blocked of something. Proof of that is my photoblog. The last post was some pictures that I found while looking for something else, I found the album on the computer and I realized I had not made a post for them. But the post before that, it's like a bunch of pictures from here and there. Not really artistic, I think. I wrote a poem, but I usually write a lot when I get on that mode-- not this time, though. It was only one poem. I've spent some creativity in changing the template for this blog and for the photoblog... but that sound more like an excuse, now that I read over that last line I wrote. I've also been reading, but not as much as I would like. And I haven't played chess with Adam in more than a month!!! Even my blog writing has felt weak lately.

It feels odd. I'm usually much more productive than this, even in my not-so-productive times.

Last Friday, I didn't feel that good when I got home. It was about 5:30 pm and I decided to take a little nap... I woke up passed midnight. Needless to say, I was confused. I was turning on my bed when I opened my eyes and wondered "why am I not on my pj's?" and then I got up and look at the clock and saw the time. I changed clothes, got my pj's, brushed my teeth, and... went to check my email... the computer was on, so I thought why not?! After that I checked my voicemail and I had 8 missed calls... EIGHT! Nobody ever calls me when I'm up and running. And even though I felt good about sleeping a lot, because maybe I needed it. The point is, I want to create-- paint, take pictures, write... but lately, it's like it is just not coming out of me.

Have I lost my mojo?! hehehe I had to say that.

Anyways, here's the flyer I finished this morning. If you're around, you should come to my artshow reception!!!

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