Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Off to the Texas heat.

Tomorrow at 8:21 am I am scheduled to take a plane to Dallas. I make connection in Dallas to go to College Station, TX. Tomorrow is exactly one month after I took a plane to DC.

This time I am not very excited about the trip. I'm traveling alone and I do not know anybody from the group I will stay with. I'm going for a leadership institute for a couple of days. Another reason why I'm not so happy about the trip is because I'll miss the Germany-Portugal game for the 3rd place in the World Cup. And I might miss the final. I'm scheduled to board the plane at 4:30 pm, by then the game will be over. I do not know if I'll find a place where I can watch it. I'll do EVERYTHING I can not to miss it. I want my Italian boys to beat the crap out of France and I want to get excited and scream at every fault and celebrate every goal-- I'll be very loud.

I haven't packed my bags. This is not because of my lack of enthusiasm, but because I'm a last-minute-packer. I could be going to my so-loved El Salvador and still pack at 3 am or so.

I'm tired. I took my tia Miriam shopping today. I bought stuff for the family over there. I feel very much broke right now.

I've been reading "Black, White & Jewish" by Rebecca Walker. She's an amazing writer and that book is really getting to me. I might finish it on the plane tomorrow and when I come back. I have to read a chapter from a book that the institute people sent me, but that'll take just from 10-15 minutes.

I would take the iPod Shuffle I got from ROCK Camp, but the thing won't charge in my sister's PC. I guess I need a Mac... or a charger that's like $29 but I'm too cheap to buy for myself. Oh, well.

I was reading some of the documents I got about the institute and about Texas. It's a turn off to know it will be very hot and humid. AND that there are some random little black bugs flying around. I don't want no bugs all up in my face! They said they're harmless but that didn't change the way I feel about them.

I figure I have to go. Although I will probably just go see pictures on for a few minutes. Ciao! Go Italy! Vamos Italia!!!

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Bellota said...

suerte en tu viaje, me gusta leerte y saber que te entiendo, jejeje! pasala bien, dichosos los que viajan, la verdad con lo del mundial, termino cuanod eliminaron a MEXICO, HOLANDA Y ARGENTINA, asi que nada.. bye