Sunday, July 02, 2006

My week in 10 points (and a few pics)

1. I spent a couple of days at home, recovering from surgery.

2. The painkillers made me dream a lot.

3. I got my textmessaging function on my cell working again.

4. I worked a lot on my class project, and so, spent a lot of time in the visual design computer lab in the art department.

5. I went back to work on Wednesday.

6. I've spent a lot of time with my family, which makes me happy.

7. My tia Miriam came from El Salvador to visit. She'll be here for about a week.

8. I've taken A LOT of pictures.

9. Lake day yesterday. Sandia helada. Carne asada. And lots of fun. I started eating hard foods yesterday, which is a lot of work; it took me about thirty minutes to eat a carne asada taco at the lake yesterday.

10. I'm very happy Portugal sent England home. But I'm SO MAD about Brazil... what the heck happened?! France was not the one I expected to win.

Now, here are the pictures:

Me and my tia Miriam, at a taqueria the night she came:

La familia at the lake. Everyone in this picture is related to me:

Las tias eating sandia helada:

Tia Miriam, my mami, and tia Chave:

A ride in my tio Samuel's lancha:

Me, pretty much being the queen of the lake:

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