Saturday, November 11, 2006

I want a thin crust pizza for lunch... and a new place to live.

Today is a Saturday like no other in this town. There's an (American) football game and there's some ESPN thing going on. I really know more than what I'm writing, but I just don't care. People are excited and loud. I wish they would take that same attitude toward things that matter... like social injustice in America, poverty, gender discrimination, etc...
Oh, but no, please don't let us fall on that topic... let's enjoy the Razorbacks and their glory... It's sad to see where these people's priorities are.

But well, going back to what I wanted to show here today, following the video there's an article from the LA Times:

Two LAPD officers investigated in beating case
By Richard Winton, Times Staff Writer
3:34 PM PST, November 9, 2006

Two Los Angeles police officers were under investigation today for allegedly beating a man during a videotaped arrest in Hollywood that LAPD Chief William J. Bratton called "disturbing."

The video of the Aug. 11 incident, posted on the YouTube website, shows one of the officers holding down William Cardenas, 24, as the other officer places his knee on the man's throat and punches him in the face six times.

Cardenas, who is lying on his back, is heard yelling, "I can't breathe!"

He was arrested on suspicion of using violence or threats to prevent an officer from performing his duty and was charged with two counts of resisting arrest, said LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon.

Cardenas remains in custody.

The tape was photographed by an unnamed neighbor who gave it to B. Kwaku Duren, a lawyer who represents Cardenas.

Bratton cautioned that the videotape only reflected a part of the struggle with Officers Alexander Schlegel and Patrick Farrell, who is seen punching Cardenas.

"There is no denying that the video is disturbing," Bratton said. "But as to whether the actions of the officers were appropriate in light of what they were experiencing, and the totality of the circumstances, is what the investigation will determine."

Bratton said that Cardenas was not seriously hurt. "The guy got punched but that is not life-threatening."

The chief also pointed out that the incident showed that a federal oversight program of the department -- imposed under a consent decree -- was working. Even before the video became public, an investigation of the incident was underway based on the officers' report and interviews with witnesses, he said.

"All the steps of consent decree have been complied with," Bratton said. "That is the good side. There is no taking away the beating itself."

The incident began when the officers spotted Cardenas, a Gordon Street gang member wanted on a felony warrant for stolen goods, and he fled, police said. During the subsequent arrest, a struggle ensued and the officers reported that they used force to subdue the suspect.

After the arrest, witnesses told investigators that they saw the officers punch Cardenas in the upper torso, Bratton said.

During a preliminary hearing on Aug. 29, Cardenas' attorneys produced the beating video that was subsequently turned over to prosecutors and police, the chief said. The officers have since been assigned to desk duties while the investigation continues.

The district attorney's office is also reviewing Cardenas' case, said Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the office.

"Policing is often not pretty," Bratton said. "Looking at a slice of [the video] makes it look less pretty, but my obligations is to wait until all the facts are in."

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