Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I was studying for a test a couple of nights ago when I suddenly had to stop and write. I started thinking about my life a few years ago. I started remembering things I was afraid I had forgotten. I was reliving nights of peace and thought in my little room in that third floor of the building I think of when someone asks me for my home. And those memories led to others until I could almost feel the breeze coming from my window in those hot nights of the eternal summer in San Salvador.

Those thoughts don't come to me often, that's why when they do I have to stop and pay attention. Working on the last series of paintings has helped me visit places I might never see again. Places in my life that were so important to me. And people who've help me be who I am today. In that last painting series I worked from memory with the intent of representing places in my life that define me. I did two paintings of my room, but the third one (the biggest canvas) is still blank.

Thanksgiving holiday will be packed of work and painting. And I am thankful for that.

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Bellota said...

bicha! me cae que me siento orgullosa de vos..! Te ves bien bohemia en esa foto!