Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh, John!

It's wednesday already. This week has gone by fast. I have many many things to do, but I want to take a moment to get excited because John Mayer will come to town on February 1. I'm getting my ticket on Monday... oh, he's so great! Besides Johnny Depp, is just Mayer that could steal my heart in a second... and maybe prince William, but everyone else would have to work very hard. I'm no easy love.


Bellota said...

quien es este especimen tan agradable al ojo humano?.... puedo aceesar a el?...... esa ternura amerita ser compartida con los mortales...!

BG said...

yo, pauli, no sabes quien es john mayer? he's one of the two mortal loves of my life! y el es el de la cancion para samuel. he (john mayer) is SO FINE!!!

Bellota said...

tirale un brassier de mi parte cuanod lo veas, y asegurate que lleve mi numero de telefono!