Monday, November 27, 2006

This week's main to-do list

  • finish the PR project
  • finish the poster for typography
  • do the letter press thingy on the poster
  • finish the drag-and-drop typography assignment
  • study for the consumer behavior final
  • write my artist statement for painting
  • study for history of graphic design test 4
  • prepare the presentation for the PR project
  • start the Diversity Show planning
  • finish 3 small paintings, 2 big ones
  • make the frame and stretch another big canvas

I don't see a lot of rest in my near future...
so how about you give me THIS for christmas?!

last update: sunday 12/03/06 evening

1 comment:

Bellota said...

hey no que Estados Unidos en el pais donde los sueƱos se hacen realidad! compratela!!!!!!
y de paso me mandas una a mi a California!