Monday, November 13, 2006

wishing, and hopping, and praying...

I found a neat photoblog today and even thought the images were awesome, what I liked the most was the about section. I thought it was fun and clever. And I wished I had a better camera... I need an upgrade but my economic situation is not very promising right now so I have to wait for that. Not much hope for Christmas either... I haven't gotten good presents since I'm about... 10 years old or so.

But well, I'm getting ready for the Talk it Out Diversity Forum. I hope people show up and not do me like yesterday that we had only 3 people in the Diversity Alliance team for Walk for CommUNITY. It was kinda disappointing, but it's a harsh reality so there's nothing much to do but keep working hard and smiling.

I'm also praying for a couple of people in my life. One is in Cuba working hard for his beliefs and vision and the other is going through a hard time after loosing her husband of years. They need some love and I can't be next to them to hug them, so Someone else has to do it for me.

The picture has nothing to do with anything... but I took it yesterday and I liked it.

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