Sunday, April 23, 2006

By Claude Cahun

"I am still waiting for some remarkable circumstance to strike me, by which to evaluate various encounters whose greater or lesser importance and meaning I see more or less clearly.

The only encounter that has played a capital role in my life until now took place before I was born. Doubtless I'd never think of such an obvious and common fact, of which I can only make a rhetorical use, if, as long as I can remember, I hadn't had the familiar irritating feeling that my fate is playing itself out for the most part outside of me, and almost without my knowing it."
I'm writing my spiritual autobiography for my essay writing class (I must say, that is one of the best classes I've taken at the UA outside the art department!). I'm using Cahun's writing and Frida Kahlo's "Portrait of my Father" for parts of my essay. I'm excited trying to finish up the draft. It's good, and in a way, liberating. I'm also munching on Hot Cheetos while I write; my fingers are starting to turn red.

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Coco said...

Hola : )
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