Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday morning... breathe easy.

Good morning. I'm so glad it's Saturday morning and that I'm aware of it. I don't remember living the past three Saturdays of my life. Three Saturdays ago I was leaving for D.C., two Saturdays ago I was leaving for New Orleans (and I remember telling Neal not to use up my anytime minutes-- he looked at me crazy and said "today is Saturday!"), and last Saturday I was leaving New Orleans to come back here. I know what happened. Because I can go back and look at my planner and make sense of the dates and times that I know I spend in each city, but I just don't remember the days feeling like the usually do.

It's been nice coming and going, not really being aware of time or worring about what's due tomorrow. It was nice only thinking about the places where I was and what was there to do. It's been good.

So that's why when this week began I was just confused. Time went by so fast. I had to get caught up on assignments and reading. I finished my two projects for my art classes, the piramide for 3D Design and the poster for Graphic Design. I was happy with both. The piramide took SO much time to make and a lot of blood. I had to cut glass to make it, and so, in the process I cut myself many times. My fingers are starting to get better now. I finished the piramide at about 2 am on Wednesday, and then I went home. For the poster, I just didn't know what I'd do. The plan was to get the perfect photo while I was in New Orleans, but I just wasn't expecting what I saw. I thought I'd see more people. But the city was very lonely. For the poster I ended up collaging two images. It looks good. It entered a competition so I can't show it here now. I'll put it up later on.

For this coming week I have to write two papers and two essays for some scholarship applications. So let's get typing. I also have to get another assignment done for Graphic Design, and I need to buy materials for my 3D class.

Such is life.

I'm also very broke right now. That's what happens when you don't work but a couple of hours in two weeks. I'd do it all over again, though.

Thank YOU.

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