Sunday, April 16, 2006

In between moods

Right now, at this very moment I think I'm in between moods. I'm getting a headache, a migraine headache. I get like this when a headache is about to start. I never know what to do, say, think, or where to go. I usually stand still... but it never works.

I haven't been doing so good lately. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to paint or really do anything fun. It has slowed down a bit, though. The freakin to-do list finally shortened.

I have to go to school for an Alpha Phi Omega mtg and then I need to write two articles... one is for the Traveler. I told Jose I'd cover the International Banquet and so I need to pick a couple of photos from the ones I took last night and write a story about it for the paper. I forgot to ask him how many words he was expecting...

Oh my head.

[at 9:38 pm] I'm sitting in the computer lab in the library at school. It's hot. I think we skipped Spring this year because it almost feels like Summer outside. This is what we get for not caring about Global Warming!!!

I just left my Alpha Phi Omega meeting. We were having elections but I had to get out of there because I have to do a lot tonight. I have to write the article for the Traveler (that's slowly coming out me) and do the handout for one of my presentations. I have so much trouble when I have to write an academic paper. I hate it because I can sit in a chair forever with the computer or a notebook in front of me, trying to start writing but nothing ever comes out easily. I usually write a lot of poetry during those occasions... or I get some pretty good ideas on paintings or drawings. OR I write in this freakin blog :)

I'm SO good at creative writing, though. And I don't mean the stuff I write is good, I mean it comes out naturally and it's easy and fun for me. That's why I've enjoyed my essay writing class this semester so much.

Oh, it's HOT here. And I have to get back to reporting the exciting news to my campus community. I also took the pictures at the banquet and they didn't turn out good. The lighting was AWFUL and I guess my camera is not the greatest ever... I do love it, but I realize that there are other models I would rather have. It would be a Canon, though. I love Canon cameras.

And I love how here in the U.S. the word "love" is used so carelessly. I mean... here, you can love ice cream.

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