Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Un cafecito

I feel so much better now.
I was pissy all day long, I had accumulated a lot of things and felt like I was about to explode. It was everything and anything, and it just kept getting worse with crap happening throughout the day.
Thanks to my friend Sandy who bought me some coffee and took the time to talk to me (but mostly listen) for almost two hours tonight, I was able to release a lot of the things I had inside. I was just feeling awful; I could feel the anger in me... and that made me even more angry. I'm better now... I just need to get it together and take time to be me again.
I have tons of things to do for this week. Finals are coming up next week and so I have to study a lot. I'm taking two classes in the Summer, one in each session so I won't have much of a break. Things should slow down quite a bit, though.
My mural project will be the FIRST thing I do after I get done with finals. I miss painting...

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Bellota said...

I wish to be in Sandy´s place... and took that coffee with you, but God knows.