Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tick-tock inside...

I have the feeling that this time is not just me and my big imagination...

I'm working on my essay on New Orleans and the Katrina disaster. I'm looking over my notes from the trip when I get a call from a friend... familiar voices makes me smile. He said we need to get together for some piano lessons. I hate it that my nights of Thursday and Friday are booked... you know, I'd like to play the piano again and feel what I felt the first time I intended to play.

On a different note (or a different someone), he keeps coming closer and closer each day. It's not my imagination. We'll see.

AND... I haven't stopped for weeks now. This is how I feel, in the words of a song by Plumb:
"I'm sick, I'm tired
I can't sleep 'cause I'm so wired
I don't know if I can take this
I don't know how to love you

Tick tock inside
Tossing, turning, I feel blind
Sun is up, the rain pours in
Another day of no end

Grab it, kick it, smash it
Love it, loathe it, yeah, yeah
Hold it, throw it, crave it
Searching for my solace

Tiptoe, bend, break
Cold night air, I start to shake
My eye's red, my tongue is dry
These long nights are never kind"

1 comment:

Coco said...

Hmmm. Si es para tu bien, deja que llegue y DEJATE QUERER!! No huyas!! ;)

Just keep repeating the mantra...
A few more weeks of school. I can do it.

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.