Saturday, April 08, 2006

My ring might be gone, but my friend will always be here

A couple of weeks ago someone broke into the house and stole some of my things. That's all he took, my things. Weird. I lost my jumpdrives with ALL my art projects in them. That made me cry. He also stole my jewelry box; and although I didn't have much on it, what was there was priceless. I had my necklace with the star of david pendant on it, the one my dad gave me some time ago; and I also had my half heart ring, the one that completes the one Pauli (my best friend) has with her in El Salvador (I got that pair of rings in Coyoacan when I went in 2001).

I was sad that my things got taken away from me, but I'm very thankful because I have the memories behind those things. They reminded me, but the real value is in the memories behind them.

I talked with Pauli today and it was very good for me. I miss her so much.
En la distancia, pero cerca. And I just remembered I had this picture.

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