Thursday, May 18, 2006

Café melancolía

last night was pretty nice. i went to a different coffee shop and it was nice. the frozen cafe mocha i had was delicious.
i went there to play chess with my friend Adam. he's my official chess partner. he's getting very good, he takes more time to make any moves now... he pays more attention, which is not that good for me cause now i have to really watch it. he told me i'm the first person he's ever played with many times.... that means he's never won. one time we had a tight, but that's the closest he's gotten. last night i thought he would kick my butt... he was, actually, until he didn't notice that i could capture his queen -- and so i did. that move saved the game for me.
i didn't play that good last night, i made a lot of stupid mistakes. my dad would have given up on me and taken my place if he would have seen me play last night. oh, how much i want to see my dad and my two brothers Mario and Juan Carlos. i want to see Lidia too. i wish we could all meet soon... the five of us. it's been almost five years. it's been a very long time since i last saw them. i saw Lidia when i went to california for christmas 03. still... too long ago.
and that's how the days go for me. one thing leads to another and i end up thinking of those whom i love. of those whom i want to see... of those whom i can't be with right now.
Mario, my brother, is 21 today. Happy bday bro!

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