Sunday, May 28, 2006

Of carving supplies and time spent with friends

I think Hobby Lobby is playing with my feelings. Last week, I bought carving tools because I'm starting on that and printmaking. Well, I just got the newsletter and it says that the carving supplies are on sale this week. I think I used another coupon when I bought them... but still. I can't wait on them forever....

I've been hanging out with friends. Adam, my chess buddy, is getting great at the game; he almost won on Wednesday when we met. I'm still number 1, though. It's always fun when we meet because we talk about everything. He's very smart and easy to talk to; he's also very funny and does some things that always surprise me. Last week we started going to a coffee place in town where we'd never been before. It's call the Pontiac and there's an old Pontiac car inside the shop; well, the first day we went there we'd been there for over an hour when he gets all excited and says (kinda loud) "That's a Pontiac!!!" while pointing at the car. I cracked UP! and said "what?! did you NOT know?!!!!!!! we're at THE PONTIAC!!!!" We've been laughing about it ever since. Oh, Adam.

And I went with J-o and J-a to the renaissance fest in Oklahoma yesterday. It was so much fun, even though the sun was toasting us as we walked around. I think it was about 95 degrees... it was HOT! I got pretty much all the color I should get in the summer. My skin was a little light with the winter and all... I hadn't gotten a chance of some outdoor activities to get my color back to normal until yesterday. What i enjoyed the most was the pirate show. I love pirates (arr!!!). We stopped by the pirate gift shop after the show and I got a pirate bandana that I'll wear when I go see Pirates of the Caribbean II (can't wait for July 7th!). I'm very excited about it. When I was paying for the bandana the pirate behind the counter asked me how to pronounce my name... he said I can get some pirate love if I wear the bandana and speak some spanish out there in the sea. Hahahah! Good times!!!

This morning I went to the flea market with Richard. It was the latino flea market :) Not all the shops were opened, but we had a good time. We went for Salvadoran food after that. He cracks me up. It's always nice to talk to him. We talked about a lot of things... somewhere in between we talked about self-destructive attitudes in artists. I haven't seen any of that in me. Maybe because I've taken on art as a salvation from everything else. Art saves me. It's a self preservation thing, you see.

We'll talk more later. Have a nice long weekend!

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