Saturday, May 06, 2006

Not-So Eternal Sunshine

I think my Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind DVD is ruined. There's one scene when it seems to get crazy and it stops until I have to forward to the next scene. That's one of my favorite movies, so it's sad. Anyone know if I can fix it?

On a different note, I went on a train ride today with my mom and sis. It was my work's summer event (I know, a little early for summer events...). It was nice and my mom loved it, she had been wanting to take the ride for quite some time. Lunch at the little cafe was gooooood :) We were really hungry. I also spent all day impersonating the cokie man-- the one from Shrek, when it said all dramatic "Do you know... the muffin man?" It was pretty amusing, I have to say.

There were also a lot of pictures taken. And I went to an art gallery where I bought A BUNCH of prints of nice paintings for a VERY LOW PRICE. Yes-- I loved it. It reminded me of New Orleans... that gallery did.

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