Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I've made it. From here is just down the hill because I only have to turn in my final version of the spiritual autobiography and the revision of one of the other papers for essay writing, and I have to take the final on advertising principles... but that's it! I love it, I'm drained... I haven't been sleeping. I came home at 4 am last night, at 1 am the night before, and at 3 am the night before that (Monday morning?!). I stayed late on campus on Saturday... but it was before midnight so it doesn't really count.

I finished my two final art projects for 3D design and graphic design. I was very proud of my work... it was gooooooood! I loved how the CD case ended up looking. And the installation for 3D was very nice and it fulfilled its purpose. When I finished it last night I walked through it and I felt like I felt in my dream. People liked it this morning for critique and my professor recognized the hard work that went on it. I got an A. Happiness. Richard said it was good. Hamilton liked it... he actually helped me a lot last night when I was putting it together with Brooke. Hamilton made me laugh so hard... he said it was looking kinda ghetto but it was all good. I love these people!!! Thank God for Brooke. She helped me sooooooooo much. I was out of words to express how thankful I was.

Now I have to get on the ball on some things to finish up stuff for the VAC. Then I get on Diversity Alliance stuff and AAUW. I also have three major art projects this summer (besides for what I'll do on my summer class); I have a mural, an art show to coordinate (it's a bunch of girls from school, we'll have a show this summer), and a logo mark I'm working on for a campaign from the health center at school.

Things are looking good.

I have also been spending a lot of time with my friend Richard. We've been talking a lot about various things. He went with me to the rally on Monday and he also let me use his drill for my installation (my final for 3D design). I also really like his cat... the cat is funny and seems to like me back.

I need to sleep. I feel pretty much out of it right now, but I feel relieved... I'm done with the major stuff... So to celebrate I spent some time in the swing outside the art building today, took some pictures, and went to Sonic with my friend Kerry... it was a trip we planned a couple of weeks ago. We tried different combinations of the fountain drinks. Needless to say, we ended up with a sugar high!


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Jake said...

Hey B. Just dropping by. Good talk to you today. Good luck on your paper.

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