Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Catching up

So what time is in right now in Italy?

I've been thinking so much about it. I've been reading the blogs of my friends studying abroad in Rome. They're having such a wonderful time... It might seem more magical to me because I'm stuck here in Arkansas. I'm doing good and having a very nice time, but my heart... I mean.... I just get butterflies in my stomach when I think about Italy. It's like falling in love with someone you've never met before.

I been playing a lot with art. I've been working with ink and paper, kinda free to see what I come up with. I've also been using a lot of writing in my pieces. My essay writing class helped me a lot on this. I miss that class.

I've been reading a lot about design. I'm catching up on my Communication Arts reading. The last 3 issues had just been waiting for me to go and actually read some of the info in there. When I get them, I just look at the pictures and leave the reading for later.... This is what being so busy has done to me.

Slowing down is good. I might play chess with Adam today after class. Friday I'm having dinner with Amy at one of my favorite cafes. That girl is so crazy-- we need to catch up, I haven't talk to her in a lonnnng time.

Chris gave me some liquid tempera yesterday. Well, it was actually a lot of liquid tempera. I can have fun with that... I won't use it seriously. Oh, and I got some wood carving tools and a wood burning tool; Richard is supposed to teach me a little about printmaking.

With all this art in my life you can imagine how my fingernails are looking-- yea. I love it. And, everything is ready for the summer art show with the girls. I'll have 2 or 3 pieces up :)

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