Friday, May 19, 2006


This was my week of rest. I start summer school on monday. I hope to take web design I, the class was not completely full, so I'm just hoping it won't get cancelled. If it does get cancelled I'll get into photography I, which is at the same time. I really want web design, plus, that one counts for my major... photography wouldn't.

It's been a nice week despite the fact I've been working. It's been good. I had the best chicken cesar salad I've had in... years. I went to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe with my mom for lunch and she had a mini-soup and I had the salad. I had a gift card from there, I hadn't been there before. I think I will spurge some money later today if Trice calls me to go see the Da Vince Code movie. Mmmmmm... besides that and painting, not much new. Oh, wait... I've been reading! Please refer now to the "currently reading" list on the sidebar of this blog. I FINALLY got "Blue Like Jazz" this week. It was one of my bday wishes... but did I ever mention my birthday was not celebrated?!!! Not officially anyway. I went for diner with some friends and then I celebrated a little in DC the week after. But still. No freaking cake for me. So I went and got the book. I got tired of waiting for somebody to bookcross it.

I have to measure my windows now and then go to Lowe's to get my Java Natural Roman Shades. They'll look nice in my room.

On another topic, there are some people that are pretty much living one of my dreams. You can see their blogs here. Yes, it's click-worthy. Much love, now. I have to go get the shades.

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Coco said...

You've got to go to's a MUST! If you are into "art", then it's essential that you go to Italy. Yo te acompaño! : )

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